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Trainers must register all their dancers.

Any girl, who is not registered, will not be allowed to dance.  




Troupes plus leader (with mascot, which is optional )

must  consist  of :

Babies:              6

Dinkies:             8             

Tinies                10

Juniors:             10

Seniors:            10 

All troupes, dancing short, will have 1 point deducted per girl,

 by the scrutineer

SECTIONS ( in relation to school years)



Babies:Pre-school, reception and year 1 on 1st January

Dinkies:Year 2,  3 and  4 on 1st January

Tinies:Year 5,  6 and 7 on 1st January

Juniors:Year 8,  9, 10 and  11 on 1st January

Seniors: Any age.



Babies & Dinkies- school years for relevant section

Tinies, Juniors & Seniors – up to and including

                                              Year 7 on 1st January

The trainer(s) are responsible to ensure that all their girls are dancing n the correct section for their school year.

If for any reason, a girl is kept down a year at school, she must dance in the

correct section according to her d.o.b.

If a trainer feels that a girl from another troupe is dancing in the incorrect section,the questioning trainer and the girl’s trainer must approach the secretary, who will arbitrate between the two. If the query is found to be proved, points will be deducted

on the day’s competition and also, points will be deducted from Troupe of Year for previous occasions that she has danced in the incorrect section.

Further  infringements  will  result  in  Disqualification  for  the  rest  of  the  season



Babies:   Minimum  2 minutes

Dinkies:  Minimum  3  minutes.

Tinies:     Minimum  4  minutes.

Juniors:   Minimum  6  minutes.

Seniors:  Minimum  6  minutes.

Please ensure that each individual troupe dances for the required time otherwise penalty points will be deducted by the scrutineer.i.e. 2 points will be deducted for every part of every 30secs.that the dance performance is undertime.

eg.45 secs.undertime would incur a deduction of 4 points.


The  leader  must take her  timing, unaided,  in  the  Tiny ,

Junior &  Senior  Sections .

If assistance is seen to be given, inside or outside the arena,

1 point per adjudicator will be deducted.

BUT assistance is allowed in the Baby and Dinky Sections.

At  Championships, to take the timing, the leader  will  only  be  allowed:

Dinkies:                1.5 minutes ****

Tinies:                  1.5 minutes ****

Juniors:                1 minute ****

Seniors:               1 minute ****

The troupe must be ready to dance when the leader goes to take her timing.   


Troupes  must  be  booked  in  by  the Thursday preceding  the  competition, at  the  latest.

The  draw  will  be  taken  by  officials  on  Thursday  evening .

Anyone  wishing  to  book  in , after this  time , will  automatically  take 1st  places  in  the  draw  of  the  sections ,  in  which they wish  to  compete.

Any alteration requests to the draw must be authorised by the Secretary.

At Championships, the draw cannot be changed.

No troupe can dance with 2 organisations,in any 1 day. 


7 days  notice  to  be  given (genuine reasons are the exception) ,

if  wishing  to  withdraw , after  entering  a  competition.

If a troupe withdraws within the 7 days, and is found to

have attended another competition with another organisation,

the committee do not deem this to be a valid reason.

At the next competition attended by the troupe the following

penalty will be imposed: 2 points per troupe per section,

these points will be deducted by the scrutineer.   


If cancellation occurs

Prior to the day or on the day

All troupes booked in will receive

………1 point towards troupe of year

………1 point for attendance     

On the day

Our major concern on the day will be for the safety of the girls.

 If severe weather conditions occur and the ground conditions

 are assessed to be a danger, the competition will be stopped,

 irrelevant if a section is completed or not.

The sections, which have not been completed due to weather,

 will receive………1 point towards troupe of year. 

                   ……...1 point for attendance

SUBSTITUTION5 members will be allowed. Each troupe must complete

 the substitute form and forward to the official in charge

 before their 1st troupe dances.If all the stipulated number of subs.

have not been used initially, please keep the relevant official informed

as the day progresses.




Trainers will decide which section they feel is relevant to their troupes.

Every troupe, who is a member of ETACCO, should attend the 1st 3 competitions 

to ensure that every individual troupe can be correctly assessed and to ensure that

every individual troupe dances in the most suitable section. Every girl in every troupe needs to have

an achievable challenge at every competition.

After this assessment, if a troupe is considered to be in the incorrect section,the trainer will be advised

and the troupe will move sections accordingly, taking any earned Troupe of the Year points with them.

When a trainer, with both Platinum/Diamond troupes, is short of girls:

a) A girl cannot dance in the Platinum/or Diamond in the same section

on the same day ie: Tiny diamond/and Tiny platinum

BUT a girl may sub up from Diamond to Platinum, in a different section,

on the same day ie: Diamond Tiny to Platinum Junior.

5 is maximum number of subs, irrelevant of number of troupes (diamond/platinum)

If a troupe has both a Platinum and a Diamond troupe in the same section(eg.seniors),

if for any reason, the Platinum troupe cannot dance, a maximum of 2 platinum dancers

can dance in the troupe BUT this can only occur on a maximum of 5 occasions,

during the whole of the season. On these occasions, the troupe principle must declare the platinum dancers,

who are dancing in the diamond troupe, to the secretary, who will keep a record.


In  the  Tiny, & Dinky sections,only,1 trainer  will  be  allowed to  line  up  the  troupe.

In the Tiny section, when the leader is taking her timing, the trainer must be well behind the leader.

In the Baby section,2 trainers are allowed to line up the troupe.

In  the  Junior & Senior sections,NO trainer allowed on the arena.

When the leader takes her timing,no-one connected with her troupe must be anywhere in front of her( including any person permitted to take photos)

NO practising is allowed on the arena, at any time.

No verbal or vocal expression to be used by any dancer,

during the entirity of a troupe's performance. 




Maximum number of 4 back dancers wil be allowed irrespective of number of girls in troupe, in the dinky, tiny, junior and senior sections. There is no limit  on the number of back dancers in the baby section. 


When announced, the relevant troupe must enter the arena in full dance dress and line up.

The junior and senior troupes must be ready to dance when entering the arena, they must line up and then the leader must take her timing( no trainer allowed on the arena)

After the leader has taken her timing, she is permitted to speak to the arena marshall.

 When called, each individual troupe must be ready and enter the arena. If a troupe is not ready, they will be called a 2nd time and it will be announced that they have 2 minutes to line up on the arena. If the whole troupe are not on the arena within the 2 minutes, they are late and 2 points will be deducted by the scrutineer.  

Points will be deducted, if any dancer(s) leave the arena , when the troupe is lined up. 


Signals  must  not  be  given  from inside or outside  the  arena ,

nor  must  any  person be  used  as  a  marker to hold centre for leader and troupe.

Penalty will be:

1 point per adjudicator off leader.


1point per adjudicator off troupe

This penalty will be deducted by the scrutineer. 


NO  tambourines  to  be  used  outside  the  arena  whilst

troupes  are  competing 


NO member is allowed to dance in the same section twice.

No girl can dance for 2 medals in any 1 day.

eg.dinky leader and junior mascot.

A girl can only dance for 1 troupe in any 1 day.


If any girl faints before the completition of the dance performance, 

1 point will be deducted per adjudicator. DANCING 

During  the  dancing  display , NO stops  will  be  allowed

by  any  member  of  the  troupe.

If this takes place, points will be deducted.

A dinky routine must include turning the troupe round

During a dance performance, junior and senior leaders must do continuous

armworks throughout and only occasionally, use arms to set figures ****


Head-dress  &  bells  to  be  worn , at  all  times.

Leader & Mascot MUST be dressed alike BUT different from the troupe

Ref: costume.. When  a  troupe  is  short  in  numbers 

and  the  leader  dances  in  the  troupe :

Ref:costume..when a troupe is short in numbers and the leader dances in the troupe

a) If leader is dressed in Troupe dress, no points

    deducted off leader for costume.

b) If  she  is  dressed in  her  leader’s dress , 1 point

    will  be  deducted  off  costume .

All the troupe members, including leader and mascot, must wear the same colour of pumps with laces or ribbons, irrespective of style

Any number of piercings/earrings(only studs, plain or coloured) can be worn

No plaster to be used to cover earrings.

Nail varnish can be worn by the dancers.

No other articles  of  jewellery  to  be  worn , other  than  Wedding, engagement, eternity rings.Penalty will be 1 point per adjudicator, off costume.

Babies, only, will be stopped to have laces tied.

In  other  sections ,girls  will  NOT  be  stopped  to  tie  laces,

the  only  exception  being if  a  judge  considers 

the  situation  to  be  dangerous .  


ANY  dropped  article  will incur  a  loss  of  1  point 

 per  adjudicator ( off  costume).

Should  this  article  be  retrieved , other  than  by  the  adjudicator , a  further 2  points  per  adjudicator , will  be  lost.

If a bell drops off and the lace is undone, 1 point will be deducted per adjudicator (off costume)…adjudicators will identify the relevant troupe member.

If a bell breaks and the lace is intact, no points will be deducted. 


Dancing  wearing  arm  slings  will  incur  a  loss  of  2 points  per  adjudicator ,1  point  off  deportment,1  point  off  for  figures.This is to discourage the likelihood of further injury.

If a dancer is only using 1 shaker ( ref : injury to arm/wrist/hand).1 point will be deducted per adjudicator (off costume).  


Shakers  must  NOT  be  attached  to  hands  with

rubber  bands  or  similar  methods. 

ENTRY &  EXIT ****

Entry  and  exit  must  be the  same , the  troupe must

start  and  finish  in  the position , indicated  by  the  official  in  charge when  lined-up .

The leader  MUST  TAKE  her  troupe  on  and  off  ,

not  stand  at  the  side allowing  the  1st  girl  to take  the  troupe on/off.

The alignment (e.g. height of girls/ dress lengths)

will be at the judge’s discretion

Dinkies will be expected to perform a small entry and exit

When a troupe is only required to perform a stand/start:

a) a minimum of 4 armworks are necessary, in the baby, dinky and tiny sections .

b) 6 armworks are necessary, in the junior and senior sections

These will be checked at every competition, by an adjudicator ( not on the arena)

and points will be deducted from the leader and the troupe, by the scrutineer. 

When there is an entry and exit (other than stand/start),

there will always be 6 girls on the arena before the first corner.


x  x  x  x  x  x                







x  x  x  x  x  x                         








and so on...


All troupes, except babies, must go off the opposite way to entry. 


When  2 troupes  have  to  dance  together , 1 troupe will have a choice of music and the other will take the timing.

 If the 2 troupe principles cannot agree amicably, a coin will be tossed. 


During the dance, if there is any sound distortion  using either tape or cd, the trainer and secretary (chairman or treasurer if secretary not available) will discuss and act accordingly.

Meanwhile, the troupe must always continue to dance. 


Trainers and associated adults are fully responsible

for children (girls and boys) in their care.

Please supervise the children at all times.

All areas (especially surrounding parked buses and around the arenas)

 must be kept clean and tidy.(Please use black bags).

At all indoor venues,  for health and safety reasons…


Persistent misbehaviour will incur points deduction.

We are introducing a "zero tolerance" policy to drugs

This is a childrens' dance organisation, we expect everyone to

conduct themselves accordingly, we are all role models.

Bad language and verbal abuse are unacceptable and any such

incidents will be severly dealt with by the committee.  


Dancers should preferably stay with their chosen troupe for a full season.

If this is not possible, respect for both trainers must be a priority. Both trainers

must be informed by the dancer, or the dancer's parent(s), of the need to move

troupes. The trainers should discuss the situation and achieve an amicable agreement.



With ref:Child Protection Act

Yearly permission to photograph (stills and video)

the girls must be obtained  from the troupe principle,

 the relevant form duly signed and returned to  the E.T.A.C.C.O.

 secretary at the 1st competition attended by the requestor.

Please note that people must only photograph their own troupes

 unless permission  has been granted by the relevant

troupe's principle.

Yearly permission form to be signed and agreed

by the troupe principles for random videoing

by E.T.A.C.C.O. in order to monitor rules

With random videoing by E.T.A.C.C.O.(as above)

Videos will be checked after the competition,

if any infringement of E.T.A.C.C.O.rules is found,

the relevant troupe principle will be contacted within 7 days.

 Action will be decided by the E.T.A.C.C.O. committee. GRANDE PARADE

All troupes should enter the arena, in full dance dress, when applicable.

leader and mascot will normally be required, in full dance dress. 


To  qualify  for  the  Championships , each  individually 

 registered  troupe  must have  a  minimum

  of  10  appearances , during  the  current  season.

Baby section has no specific number of required appearances  

End of season championships…….if there is a tie

for 1st place in Senior, Junior,Tiny or Dinky sections,

there will be a dance-off., which will be on the same day

 and the same troupe girls must dance again.  


Any proposal for rule changes must be in writing and

 forwarded to the secretary, 7 days prior

 to the relevant A.G.M.



 THE JUDGE’S DECISION IS FINAL                    












1.     The  Organisation   shall  be  known  as  The  English  Town  and  Country Carnival  Organisation

     and  provide  the  best possible service for all its members.                                                                                                                             

2.     This  Organisation  will  be  controlled  by  a  Management

     Committee  consisting  of  President ,Chairman ,Secretary ,

     Treasurer  and  5  elected  members , with an additional 5 troupe representatives, forming in total, a working committee.The Committee has the  power  to  co-opt , if  necessary ; if  a  vacancy  should  arise, nominations  will  be  considered  by  the  committee . 

    The  Committee  will  be  elected  for  a  period  of  3  years .                                                                

3.     An  Annual  General  Meeting  will  be  held  , for  a  resume

    of  the  year’s  activities,  in October.

    A statement of the financial accounts will be available in the following February. 


4. Members  shall  be  free  at  all  times  to  approach  the  Management  Committee  with  suggestions  for  the  improvement  of  services  to  organisation  members in  a letter to the Secretary or at a meeting                                       


             5. It  is  expected  that  members  of  E.T.A.C.C.O., committee, adjudicators, trainers, troupe girls and all supporters will conduct  themselves ,

        at all  times , in  a  manner  that  will  bring  credit  to  the organisation. This does include "chat sites", websites and social networking sites on the internet. Anyone proved to be behaving  in a derogatory and unacceptable manner, will be dealt with severely , as such conduct will not be tolerated.                                                               

6.     Any  member , having  a  genuine  complaint , must  submit  this  in

    writing  to  the  Secretary  within  3  days of  the  incident , with  a 

    deposit  of  £1 , which  will  be  returned  if  the  complaint  is  upheld .

    The complaint will be put to the Management committee.                                                                                                        

7.     In  any  ballot , votes  will  be  on  the  basis  of  one  per  Troupe  Organiser or  Private  Member , No  vote  or  act  of  proxy  will  be  accepted .                                                                           

8.  Registered troupes are expected to support events, when possible.